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Who Are We

Taking you back 700 years into Myton (you may know it now as Hull)'s History. We transport you back in time to witness some of the dark history you may have forgotten.
Hull has a very dark and mysterious history and as such we believe more people should understand it.The Dark History Museum is a walk through attraction in which you will be taken on a journey. With the use of sets, actors and both audio and visual technology you will feel like you have travelled back in time.

There are 8 scenes covering topics such as Torture and Executions, The plague and connections to witchcraft, syphilis monks (Blackfriars Monks), Work houses, Tales from the Ye Olde Black Boy, Smugglers tunnels and The Gallows. Designed to last around 45-60 Minutes per tour.
The Museum itself contains facts and historical moments from Hull’s History and these are told through actor and visual technologies. Although their is some reading material we find that people wish to have a much more entertaining attraction which we plan to offer.

We also are catering the scenes to younger children and school visits as we will adapt scenes to have less scares and tongue in cheek humour so this will truly be an all round family attractions.


Discover our history

The town of Hull was founded late in the 12th century. The monks of Meaux Abbey needed a port where the wool from their estates could be exported. They chose a place at the junction of the rivers Hull and Humber to build a quay. The exact year Hull was founded is not known but it was first mentioned in 1193.


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